This Man Tired To A Sodomize A 2-Year-Old Girl In Public. That’s When Mom Jumped Into Action

When a mom saw a man pull down her 2-year-old daughter’s diaper and attempt to sodomize the child on the playground, she immediately sprang into action.

William Bates Jr., a 24-year-old Kansas City, Missouri, man, faces felony charges of first degree attempted sodomy and attempted statutory sodomy with somebody younger than 12-years-old, reports WDAF.

“I don’t get how anyone would hurt a child like that,” Christa Moore, the toddler’s mother, told KCTV.

Moore said she noticed Bates “eyeballing” her daughter, who was playing on the swing at their local park on March 10. He then reportedly walked up behind the toddler, pulled her off the swing, grabbed her by the hips and pulled down her diaper, according to court documents, WDAF notes.

At that point, the suspect allegedly lifted his shirt, pulled down his pants and started to thrust his hips against the 2-year-old.

“He walked up toward my daughter and the next thing I know, he’s grabbing her pants and ripped them down,” Moore told KCTV. “He ripped her diaper when he did it.”

That’s when Moore charged at him.

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